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Блихер Адольф
Физика силовых биполярных и полевых транзисторов
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Аткинсон О.
"Столкновение с Землей: Астероиды, кометы и метеороиды; Растущая угроза"
I have not red Yours Book, but it seems to me that the problem of hazardous asteroids could be given in secondary schools as a problem. The increasing danger of "asteroids attacks" could be an invented one, or better told one due to fascinating improvement of observing facilities obtained during last years. So We have actually many hazardous asteroids. As a result we have Media infos like: https://news.mail.ru/society/31982913/?frommail=1 . In fact, it is easy to estimate, that the Potential energy of a such an Asteroid in 2093 when it will be at approx. 3 mln km would be~ 2x10^16 J, while its kinetic energy would be much greater: K~6,7x 10^20J. Then due to very great Kinetic Energy the asteroid would fly near the Earth and would departure from the Earth. No danger exist from this asteroid , except for the case, when it would disintegrate at a closest distance from the Earth (Perihelion) and one of fragments would fly to the Earth. Such a fragment (suppose ~ 1 km in diameter) would be dangerous!As well, I do not believe in predictions by Steven Hawking about the very close finish of the Terrestrial civilization. It seems to me that they are exaggerated. But, perhaps, Steven means an Armageddon. Sorry, this would be absolutely another thing. We are ours own enemies! We increase the level of weapons at levels unprecedented in the History of the Humanity. We are ours own Enemies! We have not found a good Weapons strategy. As a result we have an Agressive North Corea, while to be secure against asteroids we need just a very good division of antiaerian Forces somewhere at United Nations.

Dr A.B. Gaina

Барбара Картленд
Люби меня вечно
Барбара Картленд Люби меня вечно. Чарующее зло. 20... (далее...)

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